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Wheeler to carry on as Saints caretaker

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Harry Wheeler is to stay on as caretaker manager at St Albans City for "the immediate future".

The decision was confirmed in a short statement on the club's website on Saturday evening.

It read "St Albans City FC is pleased to announce that Harry Wheeler will continue in the role of Caretaker Manager for the immediate future.

The Club has gone through an extensive recruitment process but has not been able to appoint a new manager at this time.

Club owners John McGowan and Lawrence Levy feel that it would be unsettling for all at the club to go through another recruitment process at present and have been impressed by Harry’s willingness to step into the role of Caretaker Manager.

We are all now looking forward to a period of stability during this busy and important stage of the season"

Source: www.stalbanscityfc.com

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