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Maidstone Part 2


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Ok game yesterday when it eventually got going, think the boys did good and the Stones goals were from very dodgy free kick decisions and their number 11 conned the ref every time he was touched by a Margate player and went down more then Monica Lewinsky in the White House with Bill Clinton or where ever it was......  The ref was poor and I hate it when they smile so much to players, don't look good as they are supposed to be neutral.  Crap surface only plus side is the game could be played as so many were postponed due to the rain and really hope these artificial surfaces  stay in training pitches and kids play grounds as it's horrid in any league in football.  One other point it's ok having local matches with each other within a week but feel the 2nd game gives advantage to the team that plays away first, Freddie was surrounded by smaller but more pacey defenders the whole game and Shaun had 2 on him most of the game and a 3rd if he got past those.  I guess you could say it was good tactics by Jay S and he had a game plan so fair play to him as he saw what these boys could do the week before and guess if it was the other way round NB would have done the same.  Shame about the loss but think we did look good and no way out played by a team 2nd in the league and feel this squad of players along with the boss will get as up the league..... Happy New Year to all !!!!!!

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