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Why is it?

EMH O30crew

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That everytime we beat someone, they have to come in here and give us a hard time and call us big time Charlies?? and nob heads like Dan Sampford and Cum on Ricay have to jump on the band wagon?

All that bollox about tuesday nights game is just a load of sour grapes...NO ONE booed the ambulance..it was a good , scrappy typically hard fought evening game played by two committed sides..Unfortunately one player from either side got injured and both had to go to hospital...surely all this shows is how passionate and comitted both players are to each's own cause??

Just seems like everybody is so bloody jealous of what everybody associated with Hornchurch has achieved..and as for Ricay fans coming on here and stirring it up..take a look at your own ground/team/position/fans/forum before you come here giving it large!

Just gonna take a calm pill now..!!!!

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because we celebrate good players winning and then you get called Glory Hunters and comments about being made by money.


Or are we supposed to do the British thing and slag off successful teams? Jealousy EMH..jealousy.


of course being a Man U fan I get this all the time! get used to it Urchins, its quite nice people envying you. Nice Suite BTW! <img src="/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" />

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Totally agree mate, I've said my piece on the other thread. Its one thing supporters having a pop, but its quite another for a Club to make a complaint about us! Like I said on the other thread, what rules have we broken exactly?!! Its their problem not ours, the league and the FA will consign their complaint to the bottom of the rubbish bin and quite rightly so. Actually, is there a rule about wasting the FA's time???? If there is, surely the K's should be charged with it! Twats, that are making themselves look very stupid. Should add a bit of spice to the return fixture though!

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EMH, you have a point here...so..


well done Ford on last couple of years improvement (bit quiet now tho'), well done Canvey for, well, always being good, well done Billericay for wanting to stay in your home town, well done every damn team and hope you enjoy success, we aren't the best team but if you have deserved success, then congrats to you all.

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