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The new CM

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lucky7s said:
The last??

Why would they want to quit now? every release has been a top seller. <img src="/images/graemlins/confused.gif" alt="" />

SI are going to produce a management game, just not under the Eidos banner and not called Championship Manager, but it will have all the players and more from the current CM. I think it will be as good as the CM if not better, after all the programmers and researchers etc work for SI.

They want to improve the non league part of the game, but, for me, how in depth would you take it? Do you include just the Ryman Prem level or all the Ryman leagues? Do you include County Cups? etc...

They also need to include movement of players around the area, eg players do not go from a northern club to a southern club that often.

I expect you will have to make the decision like the TCM v CM thread, do you buy CM by Eidos or the game from SI or both?
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Aah I see, well that is good news, glad the series will be continuing albeit under a new guise.


Have to agree CM4 was very [****!!****], it was so slooooow. The latest patche from the SI site goes a long way to fixing it, but it's not a good marketing ploy to send out a half built game, perhaps SI will be better off without Eidos.

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