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FA Cup Competition, Online Charity Game


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This is to introduce our FA Cup game to the Non League board.


Some of you will be familiar with the Game having jonied in Last Year.




The "64" qualifiers for the third round have been broken down into 8 pools of 8 teams, you pick one team form each pool to form your Super 8. One of these teams is your joker team, this score is multiplied by a multiple dependent on which pool they came from. The team winning the FA Cup scores you 120 points, losing Finalists 80 Points, losing semi 60 Points, down to losing third round team scoring -10 points.


The game is open to entries now. We use World Pay for Payments processing, same as TFFO.


In common with the other FORS Games there is a goal scorers section, Select three players to score you 10, 6 and 3 points per goal throughout the tournament.


A questions section with 10 questions worth 20, 15 or 10 points.


A Total goals section where you predict the total number of goals in all matches (in banks of 10) and total goals scored by winning team. 50 points exact, 35 within 1, 25 within 2 down to 5 points for within 5.


Entry fee is £5 with £4 going to the prize fund and £1 (less any card fees) to FORS (Friends of Roxwell School) a Registered charity.


As usual there is a mini-league facility which is free to participants.


The nature of the competition means that this is a one off entry to last the duration of the cup.


I am sure that there are many of you out there who would enjoy this different format form the normal squad games.


Why not take a look and give it a go, a one off entry with 4 months interest.



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