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Final score from Ashford tonight is...


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Yeah 2-1 but God knows how we won that. An atrocious performance all round, until things picked up and Boot hammered home after the keeper had saved a Hodge header. Then from out of nowhere, a free kick was headed in by Daly who had got ahead of the keeper. Our second-luckiest win of the season, behind Casuals.

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We were crap for the first 80 or so minutes, and as full-time approached I was seriously considering taken Dominic's advice and have my report as:


No enthusiasm, no urgency, no effort and no skill.


For the majourity of the match this was true, until we scored our first and our morale raised dramticlly. It spured us on to our best spell of the match and that was what won it for us.

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Can't quite believe the negativity of the messages above. Yes - just as at Marlow - we had a problem turning possession into clear scoring opportunities, but otherwise it was a creditable performance on a poor pitch against difficult opponents - they outplayed Weymouth for over an hour just a few weeks ago.


Another dominant performance in the air from Steve at the back, and Freddie put in his most determined performance of the season (though I wish he would lay off the 40 yard shots). Good performances (for me anyway) from Hodge, Murphy, and Steer, and Foster pulled off one oustanding save in the first half. He was caught flat-footed by their goal, but it might have been a bit flukey - hard to see from the other end. But above all I was impressed by the quality of the passing from defence and through midfield - considering the state of the pitch I thought that part of our game was as good as it has been at any time this season.


Where I can't help feel things go wrong is up front - Hodgey wins a lot of the high balls but somehow it doesn't seem to work out with Mattie. It's not just that he isn't scoring, it is the failure to create or get on the end of scoring opportunities. Perhaps it was significant that when he went off, Boot moved up front and was the quickest to the rebound to score the equaliser. Trouble is that if Boot starts up-front, I don't think we have the midfield to create opportunities for himself and Hodge. Oh for an (in-form) Hakki !


Anyway, I was happy - I felt we wanted at least a win and a draw from these last two matches to consolidate our position in the top six, and think we did just enough over the two to deserve it. We can now afford a draw on Boxing Day - and based on Windsor's recent form that would probably be a good result.


Merry Xmas !!!!!!!




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Even with my most optimistic head on I couldn't describe that as a creditable performance. We had loads of possesion in the first half without forcing their keeper into a single save. In the second we were woeful. They might have put in a half decent performance against Weymouth but they're still 16th in our division and we shouldn't be struggling against teams in 16th place like we did tonight.


Two opportunistic goals from Boot and Daly got us out of jail. The only real positive I can see is that it keeps a bit of momentum going into the crunch gme on Friday. However, if we put in a similar "creditable" performance against Windsor, we'll be on the end of a total humiliation.

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Can't agree more Ian. We were shocking and got very lucky. However, I would say I think we deserved at least a draw because they were just as bad and it was a generally disappointing match all round. I think we'll come out a lot better on Friday but it will be difficult with the current lack of man power in the squad. Harris must start, but if Miller is unfit (and Steer looked pretty dodgy at the end) and if none of the others can return, then we are going to struggle to put out a competitive team. On a seperate issue, it was interesting that when I was walking round at the end a few fans were clapping Freddie off and he was asking (jokingly) what did we think of Booty, a reference to the stick he'd got. If Boot could hear the jeers then to run to the fans after the goal showed maybe he does have the will to work for this club. Many players would have snubbed the fans, ie. I think John Salako did it to the Reading fans earlier this year. I was one of the more vocal in having a go tonight and it wasn't his best game, but well done on the goal Tony, and well done for acknowledging the fans. He may well have claimed the moral high ground with that single act.

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After seeing Ashford fall apart in the final 5 minutes of their Trophy match with Weymouth a few weeks ago i wasn't too surprised when i saw it again. I thought Freddie was excellent tonight, Foster pulled out a few class saves and Harris must start on Friday. Agreat start to the Christmas festivities, right now i couldn't be happier.

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Of course we were all a bit disapointed by the teams overall performance, its frustrating because we all know that we can and do play better, BUT ..... Our team this year at least give it a 100% and have not given up the task once this season....! for that they deserve full credit....110% effort always...Well done lads...


We are as supporters a bit prone to giving stick out to a player that is lacking confidence, please lads save the slagging off to yourselves it does no good...really...the player knows it......and does not have to be reminded !


You are entitled to say what you want...agreed but it really has a negative effect....and we must cut out the negatives...during the ,match at least.....


I would rather hear the singing !!!!


Merry Christmas to you all....see you boxing day!


cheers Chris S........



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hi all dave here puuueee what a night some roumer says we are 4th can someone comfirm this. slough seembed to be warming up and then slip up letting ashford get there goal. dissapointment,what dissapointment boot wakes me up with his bullit and oh we do desreve a draw no less. hold on everyone encluding dom and the gang bang right on que captain daily saves are christmas blushes with a macnificent header and wins the game for us what was a bit of a shaky end but held it together somehow for a great late comeback.

all seembed lost when two 3 buses from the christmas party in elimon avenue slough resorce centre went missing and after promising to help the elfs pixes and antelope clear tables and rearrange back to the cafe arrangement. then 1735 75 canceled and 1746 76 30 late and and stuck in the trafick going past the new tesco store and more trafick on the south perimiter area down to long lane and ground. ground pretty basic hardly any cover. a very long que to get in no programes,no stuedent discounts for me and dominic and seven pounds ### yes correct 7 pounds to get in. restriced tea bar average coffee, lots of people. i wonder how many were there afficaly. i think 250 would be a good guess and 90pc looked liked ares. the bar was pretty full with a mostly ashford intake and quite pleasent with liver sausage roll and half a pint of reasenable beer and sneaked into the board room asking to perchaces a programe and roy walked in and said hi all the rif raff in here as a joke and in the end very happy. hospitality in bar good, programe in end as well as result. maybe a good start to the festive season. anyway i hope all have a nice christmas and see you all in the rain prodictied for boxing day and that we can pull out a shock and beat windsor take care


dave programes <img src="/images/graemlins/alert.gif" alt="" /> <img src="/images/graemlins/angel.gif" alt="" /> <img src="/images/graemlins/achso.gif" alt="" />

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Trying to take some positives out of last night and I could come up with:


- Wilko & Freddie's workrate in midfield

- Boot's reaction when he scored as if to say up yours to the fans who had been slagging him off

- Harris's performance when he came on (If only he could do that consistently)

- The last five minutes

- The team never giving up despite being heavily criticised


We need to get much better than that on Friday, especially on the terraces. It is allowed to make some noise to support the team everyone... You wouldn't have thought that last night.

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