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A New Year's Confession

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Sorry chaps, but here it comes ...


... I really can't hate the 'Gate. In fact, I still have a covert admiration for the way they topped Burton to get into the Conference, the season before we did the same highly unfancied act over Canvey. And while we're in "In vino veritas" mode, I might as well admit that I was in The Plough before they knocked us out the Cup, last season, & was impressed with their fans' level of noise & commitment. I don't want them to get relegated (unless it's them or us) & I most certainly don't want to see them go bust.


Right, now that's out the way: I loved stuffing the gits last Saturday almost as much as witnessing our utter humiliation of them in the Kent Senior Cup Final the season before last. And nothing would delight me more than repeating the medicine a few hours after I wake up with the inevitable hangover, later today. A brilliant start to the New Year.


But, they are a team very much after the Fleet's style, in terms of spirit. They aren't going to roll over & die. So, from us all, team & supporters alike, maximum effort is needed tomorrow. Let's raise the roof off the Northfleet End from the moment "when the teams come into sight [and] we can see the red and white."


(I just hope none of the team have had as much to drink tonight as most of us have.)


Lennie Mac

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