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Happy New Year!

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From Huddersfield Terriers. Long may our friendship last!


I know it's crankie but I prefer even numbers, so 2004 is just fine, plus it's a leap year. Ain't that the time lasses can propose marriage to us men folk? A little late for some of us but what the hell it's a nice thought - even at my age!


Good Luck today - even numbers so I'm going 4-0 to the boys! (hope that doesn't tempt fate)


All the very best!


BB smile.gif

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8.46 am and on the computer. Impressive for New Year's Day. Obviously no over-indulgence for you last night, or are you one of those professioal northeners who just shrugs off little things like hangovers?


If the Fleet dominate as they did last Saturday, 4-0 will be a conservative estimate, but we're all expecting the Seaside Boys to be a much tougher proposition today.


Best of luck to the Terriers & yourself in the new year. I'm predicting just above mid table for the Fleet by the end of the season & a monster run in the FA Trophy.


Graham S

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Got to bed around 1pm and up again about 7am (bloody body clock) . Beginning to feel tired again now so I'm off to the 'local' to bait some L**ds fans. That should keep me awake!...........well for a while anyway.


Strangely (for me) I actually feel sorry for them in their recent plight (must be getting soft in my old age. No doubt that momentary weakness will be dispelled the minute one of them opens his gob!


My wife and daughter have gone to the local 'mall' so that should be them out for blooooooooooming hours.


Good Luck Today - I'll be back trying to listen on Radio Kent over the net




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