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COULD SOMEONE post the link to the margate fans facebook group.


i have jst changed my laptops all around,and that site was not im memory or favourites.


the one i am after is the supporters one (but not the 'official supporters club site/facebook group )Rather the one that has the occasional margate fc comment, interspersed with videos of dancing dogs and other nonsense.


i am daFT enough to post on there occasionally as well, but as i said-can't locate the site.


i think it has something like 188 in the facebook group number.


hope someone will be kind enough to post the link.



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Hey Michael, you need a Rams supporter to help you!!!:---


Hi Bill,   I read on this forum that a fan wants can't find the Facebook site for the club.  Tell him to search Margate FC is Delighted in the Facebook site.....I would do this myself but I've been banned, wonder why grin.gif

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