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Who Watched ...................... ??

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[color:"blue"] 'Di's Guys'' last night on the box ? (Probably clashed with footy !)


I thought the programme, (1st. of a two-parter), was fantastic.


I don't think Ken Wharfe, (Ex Met D.P.G.) has won any brownine points from Buck House, but at least he tells it 'like it is'.


Any comments on the subject ?




Keep the good 'ol conspiracy theories going !! <img src="/images/graemlins/bigshock.gif" alt="" />

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Nothing too specific. I missed part 2 tonight cpz of the footy. To be honest, I should have watched Part II.


Just that Ken Wharfe, Princess Di's Ex bodyguard, (in my opinion), gave too much privelidged information out.


Still, the inquest into the deaths continues, and after Big Tone got slated in the report on Irag and naming names tonight, who knows what might happen ??

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Meant to watch Part 2 as well, on your recommendation but accidently fell asleep!

I noticed that there have already been substantial changes made as to which police officer is going to handle the questioning on Charles. I get the impression that it's a bit of a "hot potato" - no one wants to handle the case, as they are worried what they might find, and hence, there goes the knighthood/MBE/career of said police officer. Is that a fair assumption, JR - you having connections with the Constabulary etc?

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