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There are 4 forums in the GNFC part of the forums here. they are:


GNFC - General Forum

GNFC - Northfleet Select

GNFC - Managers Reports

GNFC - Prediction League


now the last 2 speak for themselves, but the first 2 are the ones that matter here.

The General forum is for us to talk about ANYTHING, be it football, nationalities, politics, entertainment, whatever.

The northfleet select is to for us to talk about the Fleet and only the Fleet.


Now whilst most people are on here to talk about football, everyone needs to accept that some people wanna talk about other things, or that sometimes things are gonna go off topic. The only reason I can see to lock a thread here is if things get nasty etc.


If you don't like what's being talked about, like the whole comp tickets thread, then stop reading it, and more importantly, stop bloody posting on it, all that does is keep the thread up the top of the page.


There were 144 posts on the recent Complimentary tickets thread. The second longest thread there has ever been here, only beaten by the storytime thread (another non football thread). I think it shows that sometimes people just come on here to pass the time and chat about anything. I think they should be allowed to do so.


My 2p worth anyway

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I don't mind provocative threads, in fact I welcome them, something different and all that.


3 threads have been locked in the last few days. 1 was dumb assed (the Timmy Mallett one), but I think the other 2 were fine.

I think the prejudice one was a very valid thread that got overtaken by the spill over from the copm tickets thread that had been locked, which I think was a mistake, the reason that I unlocked it. So it got off topic, who cares? the fact that so many people added to the thread surely means that it was something that people felt strongly about, which is kinda the point of a forum, a place for people to get together and talk about stuff


So yes, as a moderator, I take some blame, mostly for reopening the threads, as for taking people behind the bike sheds and giving them a talking too. I don't think that anything too out of order has been said yet, and as far as I know, no one has sent any moderators a message complaining about anything, so there should be no worries.

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well if the Bike shed is too far to take them.........how about behind The Gents toilet at the plough end.............the Smell will kill them.Another point......since when was thatend rechristened the Wallace Park end?........i would have thought the fans and club would be more likely that it was named after such a noble establishment as the plough..........not the refugee camp.

<img src="/images/graemlins/yeahthat.gif" alt="" />

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