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Supporters Club raise a grand in 3 months.

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In a relatively short period of time.

Just 3 months, the Supporters club at Braintree Town in our meeting tonight were proud to advise our members that we had raised our 1st Thousand pounds. (Since the formation of the club on 29th Sept 2003.)

This landmark figure was raised Thanks to the help of all our members and we would like to personally thank each one of them to this tremendous start. Which has taken a few of us by total surprise.

This is written by myself on behalf of the Supporters Club.


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Very impressive, Mark.


What are you going to do with it?


[Oh, by the way. Would you happen to know how the grass is cut at Braintree Town? You don't happen to have a red tractor by any chance? Or a carved pumpkin? The latter would be nothing to do with cutting the grass, of course. More a work of a art in a very modest sort of way.]

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Leave in the Supporters Club Account until we have sent a letter out (or our 2nd Newsletter) and ask our members how they wish it to be spent.

We have our own ideas which we will put to the members.

Sorry for being vague, but there are others opinions we need to hear.

We are not stopping at 1 Grand, we at Braintree Supporters take care of the Match Day Mascots and Match Ball sponsorship for the main club and we hope to raise even more money.

If you consider we are not at the top of the table, nor have a large fan base to choose from, just think what we could achieve if we were.<img src="/images/graemlins/affig.gif" alt="" />

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Ford fan, I am glad you have given us another forum address as the one on the Non League Site says this is unavailable.

Yes, I will definetely be going, haven't missed a game in 3 years Home / Away all competitions. I just love watching the Iron and when we won at say Kettering or Sutton its all the sweeter after a season of struggle.

We will bring about 30-40, about the same as last year. We took only that amount to Kettering / Grays / Kingstonian so I would think it would be the same again.

Battle of the form teams hey.

<img src="/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />

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A Vicars and Tarts night, Dutch Auction,taking over the Mascots and Match Ball from the club, as it was non existent. Making half time draws, members draws, introducing 50/50 scratch cards to local pubs, and sell them at our games,Home and away on the players / directors / fans coach, join a membership scheme with a yearly fee plus weekly subs of 50p.

That kind of thing.


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great stuff and very commendable....


taking a leaf from your book young iron...I have set up a fund raiser for the poor little old urchins of hornchurch....all donations should be sent to;


urchins benevlolent fund

bank of moldovia

PO Box 56

caymen islands


please give generously .... <img src="/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />



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