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Women's Super league 2017-18

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Now that the WSL 2017-18 is about to kick off, with all the hype and political correctness the BBC can apply, is it really what it is made out to be?


Two 10 team leagues, that are being pushed by the FA to show that they are not just a bunch of old boys feeding from the gravy train.


The reality is, would these WSL teams be able to compete at level 8 of the men's structure - maybe.  


So in terms of equality and that the women's game wants to be measured on its ability, then it should attract the same amount of funding and publicity as the men with that level 8 of ability.


Looks like level 8 men are now being under represented in comparison to the WSL.

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Don't get me started on Womens Football and the F.A. !


The Lionesses beat the Ruski's 6 - 0 in the world cup qualifiers this week, then Samsom anounces a.m. the following day that he's quitting as the Ladies Manager.  Then p.m. the same day the F.A. announces that it has SACKED him for something to do with his time at Bristol football academy.


YEAH, RIGHT.  I suppose the F.A. didn't want to get embroiled in a racial matter, after they had already cleared Mark of any wrong doing regarding our Ladies national team.


As someone who has been involved in Ladies and girls youth football for the past decade, I know how it allegedly 'works' and just want to say the F.A. hasn't got a clue, and is just trying to cover it's own back.


Matters not  -  Unless there is a miracle in the coming months, the Lionesses might just as well kiss goodbye to any hope, (not a word I type with reverence),  of progressing further.

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