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Ok so I am bored....


Anyway tomorrow we play Hampton & Richmond Borough who spanked us four nil earlier this season. For those of you not there or suffering from repressed memories, we were awful, so bad it rivaled last tuesday's debacle.


As I am sure Radders would wish me to point out Spencer was substituted just before half time. Had the great one not gone off I am sure we would have fought like lions and won 5-4. <img src="/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />


As for tomorrow we are agin without conference and frankly we are playing sh$te. Devonshire always beats us, so I fear another heavy home defeat.


We then face Worthing away; who on present form will ease past us. Then Maidenhead, I guarantee it will piss down with rain and that we will lose. We may make a fight of it though. The next two fixtures see us at home to the much improved Tooting and then Worthing. Both eminently losable but I fancy we will pick up our first point of the year in one of those games. So where do we look for our first win of 2004....the casuals on the 31st.


As for the rest of the season, well I think for the second time in recent history we will be effectively relegated after finishing in the top half of the table.


Nice huh?

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We will need to start creating clear cut chances and have an improved defence if we are ever to start dreaming of winning today. Our midfield hasn't been creating chances for our forwards or blocking out any danger, and we all know what our defence is like when they go on the break.


So I predict another heavy defeat. I hope not, but I think that we will lose again.

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Can we play better ! Yes we can...........


fingers crossed not to lose today ...


draw or win will be a bonus...but more importantly

lets play better.....


up the rebels.


cheers chris <img src="/images/graemlins/cool.gif" alt="" />

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Yes we should get behind the team. But I do think we need a spark. An early decenet chance, a spell of pressure. If we play like we have recently we have gone have very little to cheer.


Obviously I hope we play better and I am proved completely wrong.


We shall see....

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We need to match Hampton's game, it will not be pretty they are a physical side (ask CJ and Nick Gyoury who have been put out for a season by a Devonshire side). What Hampton do is play the ball into the channels and get midfielders into the box. We shall see, but i'm not hopeful as I think they will overpower us. Hope i'm wrong...

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Given that the first of my predictions is already wrong, can we delete this thread? <img src="/images/graemlins/attentat.gif" alt="" />

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