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fa trophy replay

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Bloodnock said:
It might be interesting to see the team Andy puts out, judging by the comments made that he was not a happy chappie.

perhaps he should look at his own performances and drop himself to the stand he just does not seem to motivate the player's to any sort of fighting spirit the last time we really showed this was away to shrewsbury when we were left with only 8 men on the pitch even the last 2 wins against the git's we were not that great
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It might be interesting to see the team Andy puts out


Ther may not be a lot of choice. Abbey obviously won't play, and I doubt that Perkins and Shearer will get time of work (they're teachers). Protheroe still won't be available. So the only good news is that Moore is available again.

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FleetFanatic said:
Surely 3 at the back would normally mean 3 centre-backs?

Matt Lee isn't a centre-back.....

.....that's why I would go with Duku, Moore & Shearer.

You need to go to more matches Daz, <img src="/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" /> Matt Lee has played at centre back on more than one occasion, and quite succesfully too.
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