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Alan W (GNFC)

Complete Broadband

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If anyone was foolish enough (like me!!) to take up their £30 per month offer for new computer plus Broadband Service for 3 years, you may like to know that they appear to have gone out of business and are (seemingly) uncontactable. If you require assistance regarding this, One Tel, the Broadband provider will hold details of you, if you contact them on 0800 957 0700. Speak to Ben Holland on Extension 06586 - hes very helpful.. He tells me that One Tel will continue to provide a Broadband service at the moment, but he is unsure as to how long this will continue as they are not being paid by Complete Broadband.

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.....and those that aren't - if you live in a Telewest supplied area, get their service.


It's awesome - 512k @ £29.99, 1mb @ £39.99 or 2mb (not sure of price).


If you already have telewest phone or tv service then you get it £5 per month cheaper.

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