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Connoisseurs of hilarious/ludicrous phone-ins (otherwise known as a platform for in-breds) know that they can rely upon Talksport to come up with gem after gem of ill-informed ignorance. In fact the whole station is a celebration of ignorance. Opinion masquerades as fact. Fat blokes ramble on about speed cameras encroaching their civil liberties (walk you lazy [****!!****]) and every topic whether it concerns sport or not eventually returns to the issue of asylum seekers. The station has all the balance of the sex cases favourite read 'The Sun'. Deportation and public executions are never far from the agenda oh and of course Sport which after all is what the station is supposed to be about. When they do get round to sport we get the usual sensationalist nonsense. Recent topics have included 'Robbie Fowler is finished' (since the afternoon long debate he has scored in nearly every game he has played in). Most popular debates seem to go like this ……..Houllier must go!, Chelsea and Ranieri are history, Ferguson vs The Coolmore Mafia, Bring Back Shearer, Rusedski was never English anyway, Heskey is [****!!****], Rio you silly boy. If you can see a pattern emerging here you would be right. Kelvin MacKenzie the main man behind Talksport has had lots of practice in force feeding the proles [****!!****]. After all he was Editor of the Sun for 13 years during its so called 'Glory years'.


Template for a Talk Radio Station:


1.  Racing Tips (remember the excuse 'I only buy The Sun for the tips'

2.  Target any 'vulnerable group' (that includes Liverpool fans.)

3.  Speed Camera Rage

4.  Carefully vet callers (anyone with a reasonable opinion is barred or cut off)

5.  Hatred of children.

6.  Appeal to South London bigots.

7.  And Taxi drivers.

8.  Er that's it.

9.  Oh yes and people who never go the match

10. And people with erection problems who chase foxes.


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I listen to it quite a lot and find it very entertaining. You can't deny Hawksby and jacobs are class (although people who agree with the above post will probably note that it's the only show without phone-ins).

The last two nights I have fallen asleep about 1am to a debate about the train service and last night ecstacy (should of taken soemthing to keep me awake <img src="/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />)

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