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Romford Website


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Well Mr Coup, I wouldn't want you trying to talk me down when I was about to jump.


You really have put the final nail in the coffin.


The reason the Romford website had become minimal, was because Bob's time was limited, and because we also lost our host it was moved to a temporary area which had limited space, therefore nobody could update it except Bob. This was being addressed but it was not going to happen quickly. I was actually going to ring Bob today to discuss but it seems I am now 24 hrs too late.


I will continue to do my best with goldenblues, but I do not possess all of Bob's skills.


As a result it seems our message board is also f**cked. I will see what I can do to set something else up.


Any important postings will be put on the ESL board for the time being.



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getting the info out is more important than where so please keep using this forum as some of us even if we support other teams in the esl like to know whats happening around the league.

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