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Pop Idol Stardom for Non-League Footballers


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From todays Daily Mail (P77):


"Portsmouth are banking on a Pop-Idol style scheme to unearth a new star.


Over the next few months, thousands of non-league footballers will be invited by Sky TV to take part in a series of nationwide five-a-side trials.


The winner will be offered a £1000-a-week professional contract at Fratton Park next season.


Club Chief Executive Peter Storrie said last night "We think its a great idea. Its unique and you never know, we may get a big surprise."


Presumably many of G&N players will get an invite?

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Steve Watts at Dagenham won a similar competition run by "The Sun" where he won a contract at Orient.


Perhaps this is something the club could consider doing during the close season for a weekend or so. They have nothing to lose and may unearth a good player.

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I don't have much knowledge of the GNFC Squad, but we have a hugh number of Local League sides in this area, so maybe we could pick a budding star from a Local Side?

I'm woeful but on the few occasions I've pulled on the Boots I've come up against some quality players among the Local Sides.

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Unfortunately the youth management of G&N aren't really interested in players from local league sides, they would rather bring in a complete side from the Maidstone League even when they couldn't win against the existing lads. Hopefully this attitude doesn't go all the way to the top.


Mike F



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