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Fans Focus - Non League football clubs
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Fans Survey: Away fans facilities at the Shay.

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I am conducting a regeneration project for the Shay Stadium Trust and would appreiciate the views of as many people as possible. If you have time, I would be greatfull if you could fill out the short questionairre below.



1 What memories do you have of the toilets at the Shay?


2 Rate the catering facilities both at Broadhall Way and the Shay out of 10 (10 being the highest)



3 Did you think the facilities were adequate?



4 Do you think the entrance fee was 'value for money'? (apart from the performance on the pitch!!!)



5 Would you choose seating or standing if given the choice?







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1. Not bad . But you can't see the pitch whilst having a piss, unlike the Fleet ones.


2. Shay 10 out of 10 - Football , fairground stall and candy floss a winning combination.

BHW - crap tasteless and overpriced , and the burgers were [****!!****] as well.


3. Its a football stadium not a 5 star hotel, what facilities do you need.


4. One of the more expensive, but I suppose you need the money.


5. Terracing.. Which the away end this season has in abundance. Our 50 or so hardly done it justice, and looked lost


Hope this feedback helps, and looking forward to nexts years visit, if you can halt your slide down the table.

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Dougofthefleet said:
I would'nt assume that everyone knows that 'the shay is halifax's ground.

And I thought The Beatles played there!

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Thanks for the response! The website wouldn't give me space to put 'Halifax' on the end... like others did. Your view will go to the stadium trust and hopefully will be put to good use!


Did the beatles really play at the Shay? I think you might just be a little confused there, mate!



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