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Fans Focus - Non League football clubs
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Alan W (GNFC)

Tonights Teams

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Leigh RMI
Martin , Williams , Redmond , Durkin , Price , Holmes , Harrison , Maden , Rezai , McNiven , Whitman
Subs: Peyton , Whitehead , Tench , Lancaster , Daniel

Gravesend & N
Wilkerson , Skinner , Shearer , Moore , Gledhill , Drury , Surey , McKimm , Sidibe , Omoyinmi , Essandoh
Subs: Mitten , Owen , Pinnock , Walshe , Lee

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Are they not still four points out and this their game in hand? I wonder how they would cope with another drop. Well done to leigh for scoring but its too late now......... isnt it??<img src="/images/graemlins/confused.gif" alt="" />

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