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Canvey 0 Billericay 2


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Ahhh the joys of spring.......


A thoroughly deserved win by our lads today and if anything the winning margin could have been greater. Opara replaced Bauckham up front and Davidson returned to the bench.


In the first half we were outstanding with Leon winning every ball in midfield and Trott and Pat solid as rocks at the back. Hockers slotted home the first and also hit the post from a header as well as both he and Blackie missing good chances in a period of total domination. The only concern was that only going in one up would let Canvey back into the match which they didnt deserve.


canvey had more of the play in the second half but for all their possession they didnt really create too much that was clear cut and Hockers hit one narrowly over. We were all biting our nails with two or three to go when Jonesy fired one across Harrison and into the far corner. Oh what joy!!


We wanted this more than them and it showed and we even managed to shrug off the one man advantage canvey had all game in the form of the cheating referee. Hopefully we can maintain this head of steam for our last three games and scramble into the play-off picture. Well done today.




henty sappleton trott taylor

tomlinson (jones) hunter (davidson) dormer black

opara (stowe) hockton


snu: redders, aziz



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I can still see the ball bobble into that bottom corner of the net when Jonesy scored....And hear the silence from behind the other goal.... <img src="/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" /> <img src="/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" /> <img src="/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />


Easter and all that. Who needs Chocolate when ya got 2 goals and three points off the Canvey at Pikey Island, eh?

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Results elsewhere (Stalebuns and Northwood winning) make that a particularly vital 3 points.


Dormer was tackling like a man possessed in midfield, where my pre-match prediction that we might do quite well as Minton and Gooden are both on the small side. Another goal for Hockers, and another off the woodwork. Rumours that Danny was seen entering New Lodge with a goal extension kit cannot be confirmed at this time <img src="/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" /> Trott had a good game, and his duel with McDougald was a good contest.


Good turn out from travelling support as well, though slightly surprised at the lack of noise in the ground. Not complaining mind you as I had a fierce headache....

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Couldn't make it to the game today unfortunatley, but I was calling up Paul King a few times to see how we were doing. Well done lads!! I think we really desreved that win with the way we played last match and left with just a point. Play - offs seem much more in reach now, we need to keep woking hard, take our eyes off the ball like we did when we beat them last year. Keep it up lads, you're doing great!!

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In the first half were all over them and maybe should have had a few more. I felt they were going to come out in the second half and turn us over they did practically have all of the ball in the second half. Today the players came out and gave 110% and played for the club play like that on Saturday and Kingotsian will get thrashed. The players have shown that they can do it know to keep it up and head on into the play offs. I felt Pat and Trott were magnificent at the heart of defence Robin in particular Dormer and Hunter worked their socks in midfield and KK was really lively upfront today. We need to remember that if we dont win on Saturday today would have all been for nothing

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absolutely bloody marvellous. the boys did us proud and the winning margin could have been greater if we had taken a couple of the chances in the first half.

was getting very nervy in the last half hour, but even then canvey didnt create too much to speak of, and when the keeper made a mess of jones' shot, and the ball dribbled into the corner we knew it was going to be a happy trip back with the scarf hanging out of the car window.

i was very surprised at the lack of vocal support for the home team, especially as it was their first home game since winning the title. ive heard much better atmos and banter between our two clubs in seasons gone by.

was pleased by the amount of us that made the trip though, and im convinced that there would have been more, but the got stuck somewhere on that bloody one way system. i must have gone round that at least three times.

anyway, was dissapointed that northwood and st albans won, but at least that means we can overtake kingstonian if we beat them, even if they do have a game in hand. theres no doubt that every game is going to be vital, so we need to forget yesterday, and make sure we get the same commitment out of the players and fans that weve seen over the last two games.

sadly this will be my last game of the season as i have to travel but to scummy wales, but ill be keeping a very close eye on the games, and might just be able to squeeze out some money for a train fare or two if we make the play offs. give the lads an extra big cheer for me at the rest of the games!

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