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You will be pleased to know that Matt Davison has arranged for an extra long cable to be connected to his PC at Radio Kent so that we can provide FULL match coverage of the games at Accrington and Shrewsbury over the internet.


It is alleged that Phil Kinsella - the best thing to come out of Liverpool since the Mersey Ferry - will be doing the play by play commentary at Accrington("Prendergast 9.8, .9.8, 9.8, 9.8 - a new British, Commonwealth, Olympic and world record") with me translating for him. In a novel twist I will also be covering the game for the Non League Paper becuase their usual Stanley correspondent is off to London for Sunday's marathon. Now that's one excuse I could never be accused of coming up with. Bring on the Harvester!

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CW'S Allegation is true im afraid Although when he has sampled the scouse pie im bringing him- i will have to translate for him.


by the way Charles, this ground is seriously difficult to find- there are houses on two sides and the pennines on the other two- leave in plenty of time- in fact Now Is a good idea

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Due to the fact that I get giddy when I travel north of Swanscombe, I am afraid that I must leave God's golden cement manufacturing county as late as possible. I will therefore depart ther People's Republic of Northfleet at around, say,1.30.p.m. on Saturday and will re enter the earth's atmosphere in Accy at about ten to two, plenty of time for a bowl of scouse and a chinwag with you about how you used to be a roadie for Tommy Quickly. I hope your "neighbours" leave four wheels on your car overnight.

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