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Non League Paper...

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...What a waste of a £1. There I was, expecting to read a match report of our victory over the Pikies and all that is written is a footnote in the "Ryman League Roundup". An article about George Borg, loads about the Conference games but little about the Ryman games on Monday. What a load of rubbish!!!


This paper is a waste of time and I for one will not be buying it on a Friday.

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And something else......Just read the previews. This paper always has a downer on Billericay...Before we play any team on the Saturday, the preview always reads, "so and so team won't have a problem with beating lowley Billericay Town"...every bloody week, despite our results. Nothing positive is ever written about us. Poxy paper.


This week it's "Kingstoinian hope to halt a winless league run that stretches back to January when they play Billericay"...How about Billericay hope to build on their away win against Canvey, when the entertain Kingstonian this Saturday".


Come 'Ricay, lets ram those f**king words down these peoples throats!!! Sick and bloody tired of it.

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You get a double page on the Ryman league premier Division, but 8-10 on Conference Fixtures, then a conference club will be featured.


So you can all read about Canvey next year too.


As it is a Non League paper, should they not cover all of non league below the conference as much as they do the conference.


It is the Premiership syndrome but lower down, you know like when you buy a national 12 pages on premier, Div 1,2,3 squeezed into a couple.


Non League Paper, could have different papers one called NLP - Conference and then one called NLP - Ryman, then we would read what was important to us. I am not saying I want to just read about Braintree, but would love to be able to read more about St.Albans, Thurrock, Hendon, Harrow and the likes.


<img src="/images/graemlins/laugh.gif" alt="" />

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