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todays game

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Well I'm on here because I'm sick and so unable to take my place on the coach for the 8hr round trip. Very annoyed, what a day to be sick on!! Anway I'm sure Chas can cheer me up with his great commentary and of course a good win for the boys in red.

Good to hear shearer is back, and a couple for essandoh?

C'mon the reds


Accrington stanley, who are they shrug.gif


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Elsewhere, Chester are 3rd division bound - leading 1-0 against Scarborough.


In games affecting us, its Woking 1 Telford 0, and Stevenage are 0-0 at Shrewsbury.


Neither Burton nor Dagenham are currently winning - if things stay as they are (and lets not tempt fate), we'll have secured a top 12 finish by the end of today.


And as we're now 3-1 up thanks to Chris Moore its all good news!!

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BBC have 3rd goal as Essandoh again - I'm more inclined to believe Mr Kinsella though !!


Both Burton & Dagenham are now losing as well, so definitely looks good for top 12 finish. We want another goal, though, to go above Accrington - currently we're +5, while they're +6.


Morecambe will be happy - both Barnet & Exeter are losing, so if they beat Margate tomorrow, they are in play off positions - considering their supporters wrote off their chances after their defeat at our place, should imagine they'll currently be ecstatic.

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3-1 Half time <img src="/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" /> 2 for Essandoh, i make that something like 9 goals in 12 games?Something like that,anyway it's impressive,could well be the striker we've been looking for,though didn't rob Howarth have a similar start?Unfair comparison?Probably!

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Cool Blood I'm am just glad I have the Web commentary to rely on, only managed to get to a couple of games early in the season, and was working for the Exeter away match DOOH!


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