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Funny Dilemma for the Rest of the Season

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Bit of a strange scenario for us at the moment.


We have done what we set out to achieve this season and also find ourselves in the major non-league cup final with all the media coverage that goes along with it still some 5 weeks away.


For the rest of this league season, it doesn’t matter what happens in the remaining games and we need to ensure that the recent injury list is reduced, particularly on the striker front.


With everyone fit, the team near enough picks itself for the final but it’s a good time to play those fringe players in the remaining games to give them a chance to be involved in the final as well.


Also, it’s a good chance for our two new signings to show what they can do. Although their CVs look decent, I hope they can perform at this level. Some of our supposedly good signings a couple of years ago could not do it and it was left to the “old guard” who are our core of the team to go out and do the business.


Another thing is the gap between the last day of the season, 1st May, and the final itself 23rd May. Would of thought that the competitive edge still needs to be there so I wonder how the club will approach this gap with no games planned.

I’m sure it won’t happen again but the way we performed in the Bryco cup final last season, but we don’t want the lads to switch off too much do we!


Hednesford must be in the same dilemma as us as well with the gap before the final. On our front however, I hope there will be no complacency on out part given Hednesford’s league position. They are a jekyl and hyde team and are up to beating some of the best non league teams around. After recent defeats, they won 4-1 yesterday so you never know what you are going to get.

If the lads approach this game however with the wrong attitude then we will get turned over. I always feel better going into these games being slightly the underdog which brings out the best in us. Seems like Hednesford react the same way to their big games also.

Let’s hope the mentality on the big day is right and we say to ourselves that we have everything to do, which will be the truth anyway!


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The gelling of players as a unit is always important! remove more than a couple of players and we have an imbalance, this is the case at the moment, with wholesale changes in the playing team we must expect poorer performances and results. Hopefully, as first choice players begin to filter back into the team we should see our return to expected form! Fingers crossed, sooner than later.

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