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Improved link to photos from Northwich game

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Sorry about the previous link. "Yahoo Briefcase" is evidently pants for this kind of thing. Downloaded the software for uploading files, provided by my ISP, but it seems you need about 24 hours to spare & at least degree level in Computer Science to use it & I'm about National Curriculum level 4 at IT, with 24 minutes to spare.


However, it seems the facility provided by my employer works pretty well, so here you are.


Much faster, when I tested them. I have included the videos this time. They are not that good, though, & only really worth viewing for a quick laugh if you have Broadband. Not worth the wait on dialup.


This should get you there (you'll probably need to switch any pop-up blocker off):


Photos & video clips

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Photos & videos coming through in 3 or 4 seconds, as I use the 8mbps connection at work for strictly illegitimate purposes. Makes the 30 odd seconds of my 512kbps Broadband at home, which I'm rather proud of, seem a tad sluggish by comparison.


Some nice shots of Chris in particular. Outside of the bar looking rather photogenic & Mr Shearer lurking with nicely understated menace, in some of them too.



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Silly me. Of course it was. Passage of time, both 2 syllable names beginning with W & my own decaying brain confused my recollection.


Sergeant Wilson, whose illegitmate son Frank (stupid Boy!) now swans around Albert Square as Pauline's safely gay consort, was played by John le Mesurier (if that's how you spell it.) The actor playing Walker (Mr Shearer's alleged lookalike) died quite young, in fact before the televising of many of the episodes, I believe.


All strictly relevant to this forum, of course, because of the adaptation of the programme's theme tune by Fleet fans, during our championship season. Who knows, it might even get a few more airings in the future.



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