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Snooker Bet

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I'm so bored, I've just had £2 on Hendry to win the second frame by between 1 and 30 points. 7/1.


Libro's had a bet on Anthony Hamilton to win the tournament. Don't know what odds you got, mate, but he's 500/1 now. Might be something to do with Ronnie's 7-1 scoreline! Promise me next year you won't back him!!


Had a fiver myself on the lead singer on Echo & The Bunnymen to win the tournament at 25/1. He looks in good form.



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You told me yesterday that your other bet (ie Stevens) would meet Ronnie in the semis. <img src="/images/graemlins/confused.gif" alt="" />


I thought you'd stopped doing that daft Hamilton bet every year? I asked you about it last year, and you told me it was just something you and the lawyer did a couple of years running in the late 90s. Had no idea you were still wasting your cash!!



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Good stuff!


I still maintain you told me yesterday that one of your bets (Hamilton) would meet Ronnie in the QFs, and the other (Stevens) would meet Ronnie in the SFs.


Anyway! Good luck - pretty sure Stevens will beat Dott or Gray in the Semis.


Who was the last shock winner of the World Championship? There was Taylor and Johnson in the mid-80s. Anyone since? Was Hendry unseeded when he won his first one??



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Hmmm, I had £10 on Stevens to win at the start at 16-1. I was planning to stick a bit on his opponent in the final (if he gets there) rather than wasting an each way bet with crappy odds. Problem is, his opponent is now almost certain to be Ronnie, who is currently 4/9 for the championship.


What should I do?

A - nothing, hope Stevens wins and accept that if he doesn't the amount I'd win on Ronnie wouldn't be worth it

B - Stick about £90 on Ronnie now - guaranteeing me either £40 or £70 - but only if Hendry or Dott don't make it to the final


Arrrgghh, its all so confusing <img src="/images/graemlins/frown.gif" alt="" />

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