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How many going Canvey?


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Nigel D said:
You plonker raver! Give up your ticket for tomorrow's vital game to go to Canvey!!!!!!!

Here's a pic of Canvey fans and their house outside the ground!


Ok, ok. I know you can't believe I'm goin Canvey instead of the hammers but its as simple as this - If West Ham beat Watford - big deal. I should bloody well hope so. If we lose I'd have wished I went to Canvey.
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To be fair mate as much as West Ham means to me - and they do mean an awful lot I have just about had enough this season. Its more to do with the board and the manager than the team.


I don't beleive I owe them my presence on Saturday (not that I would be missed) as I have been going for 19 years through thick and thin.


The difference now is that I have an alternative. West Ham will ALWAYS be my first team no matter what.

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