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Mepis said:
...It would be interesting to know how many Fleet fans go to other clubs as well, i for one go to Gills whenever possible, but if Fleet are at home they always come first. i do know several Gills fans who come to Fleet when Gills are away.

I used to go to Charlton when I was a kid, years ago (I was a mascot once, got to meet the players on the middle of the pitch in front of thousands of fans!!!) I have not been for years for two reasons:

1) I believe you should be loyal to one club and, if possible, that club should be in the town you are born. (just my opinion) smile.gif

2) It would cost me around 35 quid to go and watch Charlton this season where as it cost me just over 10 quid to watch GNFC (including petrol). (Less this season as I have got my first GNFC season ticket)!

I don't know if it was planned (probably not) but the home fixtures at the season (except for 04/09) do not clash with the Kent Cricket home games! So I am pleased as punch that I can watch my two favourite sports!! smile.gif

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