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Westminster City Council & ChewingGum

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reported on tv this lunchtime...


It takes 17 weeks to clean the chewing gum off Oxford Street's pavements, yet only takes 10 days to for them to be covered again.


Recent suggestions have been for a £3 tax on a pack of gum to pay for the clean up costs..although Westminster City Council are calling for a penny per pack. The money they spend on clean-ups could be put to better use, they say. blah blah


I love a bit of gum and always dispose properly...and wouldn't want a complete ban on the stuff like Malaysia...but seeing the stuff plastered all over the pavements and bus stops in Romford makes me wonder.


Same old, same old....if people handled their drink better then we'd have more liberal licensing laws...if people didn't speed everywhere in their cars we wouldn't need to have Big Brother speed cameras everywhere. People just dont get it! <img src="/images/graemlins/confused.gif" alt="" />

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I must admit, I very rarely chew gum, unless I get pestererd by one of the Grand-Kids !


I do bl**dy hate it when I walk in the soddin' stuff.


Takes ages to get orf yer booties !

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