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Which lot were the lucky children

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The conker issue make me think I was one of a very well educated age group

We learned about the sky whilst being forever on the look out for V1 or V2 rockets and physical training was enhanced when the engines cut out (diving down air raid shelters)

We learned our human biology from Mr and Mrs Wilson in the night time air raids when no amount of bombing was going to stop them having their Saturday night bonk at home or in the shelter

We moved on to more intensive studies after the war using discarded air raid shelters for hands on practical biology

Fresh air exercise was all the rage and if that failed to bring the colour to your cheeks then the history master managed it with a size 9 slipper (allowing we all have 4 cheeks)

We were never at risk at the school gates from mums in their 4 x 4s only the passing horse driven milk float which we used to jump on for a lift part of the way to school (2 mile return journey)

Of course there is no such thing as the good old days, the good old days are now but for crying out loud stamp on brutality but let the kids have some fun

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