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what a night


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I just had to post that tonite it was memorable and at times it made me very emotional to see so many devoted fans giving it there all , well done to cookie for arranging it.


well done to the small lad that was trying to gee everyone up wiv mega phone


thanx to everyone that introduced themselves to me it was nice to put face to posts


thanx to all the people that bibbed their horn in appreciation


thanx for making me realise that what we have here is not just a fanbase but a family


and finally thanx to Mr Wallis and Mr piper , vikki and colin page, and everyone associated behind the scenes at MFC


u all made me so humble and tonite made me realise that this solidarity is what we are all about and what is keeping us all hoping



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Well done cookie for all your efforts. also everyone at the club, and those that turned up. It was a good night lets hope the council see sense. ps nice rear end Jodie <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/hump.gif" alt="" />

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Gret night tonite worth the journey from Bexley but there were people from further afield. Three other clubs had supporters there tremendous. Welling i think was one and defunct baldock Town. Atmospherre gret. well done tony brilliant idea in the first place. It really made a diff a big diff., SE now realizes he cant get it all his own way but they still may be one step ahead of us as they can now not lose. Lets hope and pray the plans etc. are watertight but the delay is a little worrying. We fight on and great to hear excellent decorum and no abuse. too wound up to be coherent!! <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/cuddle.gif" alt="" />

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Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, ALL.

I am greatful for your kind words but really they are not nessasary.I am only doing my bit just like others have done.It had to be done by someone. We are ALL as one here and all deserve the greatest praise.

I thank you all for turning up, being extremely civil.

For being in cracking voice and for not shouting abuse at anyone including the leader and his mentors from the council. Police in attendance were mightily impressed with our resolve and attitude.

I am proud to have met such terrific people. A battle won against all the odds tonight but still some way to go,unfortunately.

The club have acquitted themselves in fine manner. Very professional manner I must add.

The directors and in particular Gordon Wallis ,not often lately in the limelight, has made his face known now and this is and may be a massive contributory factor to a final victory.Kp of course continues his massive input into everything. Great thanks to Vicky for her extremely hard work and Colin Page, though a quiet man,is always there and continues tirelessly to support.

Not there yet but a move made tonight was an inspiring and very clever one albeit being a risky one.


I am proud to be a MARGATE F.C. fan and am proud to have seen you all tonight fighting for what we feel is right.




p.s. Many thanks also to all those names helping our cause on the website petition. All those supporters for the club and for football. Those names were handed in personnally to Mr.Ezekiel for his perusal.

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"Those names were handed in personnally to Mr.Ezekiel for his perusal."


Why did not think the man could read.


When the decision goes our way anu hope that as a man of honour he will resign over this........sorry forgot Ezekiel is NOT a man of honour.

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I drove past on my way to work at 5:30. I bibbed the horn and you all cheered. My girlfriend, mother and her boyfriend, uncle, nan and grandad were there and so was my heart. A tear ran down my eye. Margate Fc means so much to us all and most of all to my grandfather, Ron. Well done to you all for making yourselves heard. Come on you blue's. You'll never walk alone!

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Here,Here. Well done tony,thanks for organising such a great demo. <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/bow.gif" alt="" />to you.

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"[****!!****]" Blueblood.HA HA

Thanks anyway. All I did was get it sanctioned by the police authorities thats all.


Its everyone out there and the club members that are the true hero's including the public that "tooted" as they went by in their cars.


Still got a long way to go yet and still lots to do to keep up the momentum.


Now Gordan Wallace is being SEEN as the main man things might improve even further. Lets hope so.

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I just hope that if we do get home S*ndy does'nt go in the press spouting his rhetoric bullsh*t and trying to gain some plaudits for doing what they should have done in the first effing place.

I can picture it all already "we always wanted football to return to Hartsdown Park-we were only making sure everything was right". Yeah-well we won't forget!

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Yes, thanks to everyone for turning up. I really felt like we showed our colours last night. It was awesome, we need to stick like that for home games, get right behind the goal and sing together. Dont be embarrassed to start a song or two, if your voice is booming enough people will join you. I'm heading back to leicester at 6pm, i've only been here for two days, but it was worth every penny to see us working so well as a unit of fans, and long may it continue.


Must say I was very grateful as well to people who thanked me for coming. But there was no chance i was going to miss it. assuming there is another one in 27 days time, you can put me down as there too.


Hope everyone has a peaceful and calm weekend after a week of torrid news and whatnot!

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