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Petition-fao Cookie


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Yes was trying the link out frrom the conference guide but it didnt work out as I had hoped. Maybe someone who has a better knowledge of computers and its jargon can get this sorted correctly. Got to the end but the link up didnt work but that may have been because I am an amateur and didnt understand it all too well. Sorry, had to delete but if someone wants to have a go then please do so.


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Maybe I was going a bit over the top perhaps but the suggestion did came from the confsouth forum. Had a go anyway. Let me know if anyone has had a shot at this or is this stretching it too far. What do you think? Has anyone had a go or should we just keep things locally? Would have been great to mass millions of signatures to forward to the council next time though.

It was worth a try anyway.

Blimey I only had it on there for a couple of seconds. How quick are you lot?

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Let's try to find someone with the know-how to do the online petition - anyone out there who can?


We need to keep the publicity wagon rolling because it is working to our advantage. I was talking to a reporter on Wednesday night and mentioned that this had gone out to the whole national non-league football pyramid and beyond, and that we as fans are a global community who come together at times like this and support each other and his eyes lit up.


If we could get this rolling it would have several advantages:


1. Very newsworhty and keeps our fight up there in the forefront.

2. Galvanises more support for our cause.

3. Worries the hell out of the politicians - they can bear a little local criticism, feeling safe until the next election, but to bear national approbation - my goodness the pressure that can put on them!

4. Ensures continuing scrutiny on any attempts to sabotage the process (surely not our elected representatives?) and keeps the whole thing on track.


If someone could get this going for us, we could post on all sorts of football forums and I am sure that all fans of the beautiful game would be more than willing to stand up with us. Facing your club going down the tubes through no fault of the fan is a universal concept that reaches the heart of all true football fans.

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Legend will handle technicla thing, I will help / handle some petition work if you guys want?


As stated in another post, I am a reasonably apt with gfx design.......again, i could possibly assist.


If there is gonna be some sort of meeting? Perhaps that would be useful....at the clubhouse sometime, all those interested could meet and develop a firm battle plan!!!



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Legend. Went in and did the petition again step by step but then got validate address but it couldnt be found therefore I couldnt validate. Why am I getting this address as not known. I copied and pasted it correctly.

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