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Steve Brown sacked at Dover


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Today's defeat means Dover are almost certain to go down. Does CK really want to manage in Ryman Div One next year?

No one can say for certain he will never leave, but, like I say, Dover will be three leagues below the Conference next season. Job vacancies at higher ranked clubs will come along...

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That rat Parmenter was on saying they "had their man" and that an announcement would be made early next week. Lots of history with him and CK and Dover but I can't see CK leaving now after all he has been through and been working towards in the last 3 years, the timing would be appalling. If the dream had died last week then I think he would have taken it. Will have to be a miracle worker to keep DAFC up, they are 15 points away from safety!

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As much as we'd love him to come to Dover he wouldn't do that to your club and there are rumours this end that he's on £45000 and a car a year with you?

the big rumour here is Clive Walker our old coach teaming up with Paul Hyde.



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Not being pessimistic,just fearing the worst!!!!! If CK was to leave and go to Dover, not one Margate supporter dare say one bad word about him.He is the one to who got us to the top of the Conference(remember Sept, three years ago for twenty four hours)against all the odds.None of what has happened since then is his fault.I am sure he does not want to leave and truly loves the club and us lot,but unfortunately our future is still very uncertain to say the least,and we also face relegation on the field,which again is no fault of CKs.I believe his loyalty to us has been over and above all else, but I believe this has now been stretched to beyond the limit.I think he has got to really think of himself. WHO CAN BLAME HIM!!!!

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