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Public Meeting

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As Margate Football Club has not received an invitation to attend the above meeting, it will not be in attendance.


Our Director and Acting Chairman Colin Page did receive a personal invitation but has declined on the grounds that he felt no benefits could arise at this time from public discussions whilst the Club and its Project Team remain locked within the 14 day period of negotiation with Thanet District Council.


The Club reconfirm that immediately a decision is reached by Thanet District Council, it will, in negotiation with the Independent Supporters Association, conclude whether or not a public meeting is deemed necessary and if so will seek members approval before proceeding to organize a full public meeting, where all parties involved will be given the opportunity to attend.


The Club has never supported breakaway groups of supporters and is of the view that such important supporter issues should first pass through the office of the Independent Supporters Association for approval.

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So the club do not condone.qoute"breakaway supporters groups" and or public discussions whilst engaged in delicate talks with the council.If so why the hell did they not diseggree with the demonstration.although well organised and impeccably good natured,but a demonstration non theless,that took place as the council meeting that could have given us the green light or finished us once and for all took place. You cannot get more public than a large group of supporters gathered on the steps of the council offices,whilst the meeting taking place inside could not have been more delicate.As for breakaway supporters,I am one who has supported Margate all of my 55 years,but because of time and travelling involved am unable to get to Ashford,There are quite a few of us ,a damn sight more in numbers than were on the steps of the council offices last week.Are we a group of breakaway fans?.No we are just ordinary supporters of the club who would like some answers,unless you are in with certain people proper info is almost non existent.Even now the club seem very unsure wether they will come along to a public meeting once the final decision is known.Indeed they seem to think it will be up to them wether or not one is necessary or not!!! I tell you what, one is required right now,and if things do go wrong,and it is not certain they wont(I dont care what anyone says on that!!)people will be clamouring for a full public meeting once and for all!! Then the people running the club will have to attend and lets see them try and prevent the truth being told.WHICH OF COURSE HURTS!!

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I think it is more the case that the club is more prepared to support those fans and organisations that will work WITH them. The demonstration was approved by the Club and the Supporters Association, if the Club had asked us not to do it, for the sake of the stage of negotiation we were at, I am sure we would bave listened, and acted accordingly.


The timing of the announcement of the public meeting, and the date of meeting seems a bit unfortunate given that process is still ongoing, and this could easily be derailed, so however well-intentioned it is my belief that it should have beem postponed until such time as the ongoing process has been exhausted. I am sure that all true fans, of course including those who cannot travel to matches as well as those who can, would agree that it would be better to be able to voice our opinions and know everything that is going on, but it is seldon that simple in complicated matters such as these. But somewhere along the line we have to take some things on trust, after all, it is not our business that may be driven to destruction by the outcome of all this, neither is it our livelihoods, reputations, and future on the line.


A truly open meeting would have involved all parties, so you cannot but wonder why the Club was not formally invited to this one. Unless it was assumed when the meeting was arranged that there would no longer be a Club to invite?

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I totally agree with the posting of Margate FC.


If you genuinely support the club and want to see a successful outcome to all the hard work and heartache

you will accept the advice in their decision.


At this critical stage we need a disciplined campaign.


A public meeting now cannot further the club's cause.


All those supporters who participated in the demonstration

are fully up to date with the state of negotiations.

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OK so that club may not be there but just be warey of anyone from the council speaking. There may just use it as an opportunity to score publicity points and something underhand.


And to think at one time I use to see the good in everyone.



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First of all Margate fan I have to disagree with you just this once. The demo WOULD have gone ahead with or without the clubs approval. It was fortunate that they approved but that was a show we HAD to do at the time. Sorry to go against your words. Mind you had the club denounced the gathering maybe the people we had wouldnt have turned up.

As for the meeting on Wedesday I agree that it may not be in our interests to attend, in a way, but we all know full well that regardless of the parties involved there will people who will be curious and will go nevertheless. I have to admit that in the first instance I also feel that no good will come of it, but the very reason I intend to go, will be to see that fair play is done. I can say this, my mouth will be shut and no questions will be asked by me, unless severely provoked. I will be there solely as an onlooker and to hear him speak. I'm not going against the club or yourselves to cause any damage but it is with deep curiosity that I shall attend if indeed it goes ahead. I am positive that regardless of what you all say and what the club says other people out there will ALSO be curious and attend.

Its human not too be curious. Hope it Is called off because that would solve the whole problem either way.

p.s. The club WERE invited but declined THE INVITATION.

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