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Canvey 3 0 Stevenage


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Superb performnance today in getting our first double of the season.


Two early goals set us up nicely and after that we defended superbly to keep our advantage and gain a rare clean sheet.


We made the perfect start, with Duffers hitting a fine long range chip that the keeper got a hand to but couldn't keep out after just 5 minutes.


Things got better 10 minutes later. A superb pass from Sedgemore found Keeling on the overlap and his esquisite cross was headed home powerfully by Ollie at the far post.


After that we weren't sure whether to go for the third or defend our advantage and allowed Stevenage into the game a little.


Danny made a superb save from a long range effort and then saved in a one on one situation. On the stroke of half he did brilliantly to turn away an Elding effort but for the most part our defending was solid.


In the second half, Stevenage continued to dominate possesion with Canvey threatening on the break. Lee put an effort just over and had an effort just wide after a great Jon Keeling cross.


Stevenage's rough tactics were threatening to cause trouble and a hideous challenge by Boyd on Duffers earned an instant red. Worse was to follow for Boro a few minutes later when Simon Weatherstone who had already been booked, petulantly kicked the ball away and earned another yellow.


Down to nine men, gaps were beginning to appear. Sedgemore saw a great chip turned over by the keeper and he then did well to hold a stinging effort from Ollie.


Stevenage still looked a threat and Danny had to make another great save but with 5 minutes left another superb Jon Keeling run saw him lay the ball back to Junior on as a sub for him to sweep home.


Even then Danny made another fine save in injury time to keep a clean sheet intact.


A great team performance. We looked solid at the back and took our chances. Danny was outstanding in goal and nothing was going to beat him today. Defence was solid with Dom excellent and Smithy having a great game.


Ollie was everywhere today, Sedgy controlled the midfield and Jonnie was outstanding on the wing and provided two of the goals.


It seems we have turned the corner and with us 9 points above Forest Green with a game in hand, relegation is starting to look a distant threat.


Great stuff today and a very satisfying result.

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what rubbish the ref was far to both sides if your player wont's to kick the ball out of the ground and get HIS self sent off thats up to him you cant blame the ref for that

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I never had a particularly distinguished playing career, but in my playing days if I was on a caution, I would be very, very careful of committing any other misdemeanour and the last thing I would ever do would be to back-chat the referee or kick the ball out of the stadium. The laws of the game are quite clear and, in kicking the ball away, Weatherstone left the ref. no option whatsoever. So what’s your point? I doubt even you would be bleating about Boyd’s dismissal for the ‘attack’ he launched on Chris Duffy.


OK, some off-sides (for both sides) were a bit iffy. Stevenage got away with the odd foul, so did Canvey. We all know that refereeing is an imprecise science. But it’s no good blaming the officials for a 3-nil defeat. The lino didn’t run onto the pitch to score Canvey’s second goal, the ref. didn’t clear any balls off the Canvey goal-line. The three men in black cannot possibly take the blame for Stevenage’s lack of creativity in front of goal or Canvey’s watertight defence. Today’s officials were like the ones who officiate at hundreds of games up and down the country every Saturday; they were crap, they were biased and they were totally blind. The only saving grace is that both sets of fans will be saying exactly the same thing. It’s about time football fans got used to it, or give their game over to some technical officer who could rule the game from a television gantry at the back of the stand.


Why can’t we accept the match officials in much the same way as we accept muddy pitches, strong winds, the bounce of the ball, runs of form or Lady Luck. They all have something in common; sometimes they go your way, other times they don’t. Get used to it

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Potter had a good laugh with us in the 2nd half. fair play to him. We asked him to join Boro as we need a first team keeper. He said He'll think about it.

I thought your fans would be a bit more vocal when 3 up. It was like a morgue!

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Well done Canvey - Deserved the win - scoreline about right and good ;luck for the rest of the season.


Boyd straight red was spot on but weatherstones 2 nd yellow for kicking the ball away was F''king rediculous both for the player (should have known better) and the ref who shoudl have realised we were losing 2-0 at the time.........

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Good result today with well earned 3 points. Overall a team performance, but I felt we stood out defensively today with Sterling doing a grand job and Theobald keeping it tight in the centre of defence and Danny pulling off some great saves. <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/bow.gif" alt="" />


However, now I've had a couple of beers in celebration I'm starting to go on a downer and I'm going to throw in a few negatives. <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/shrug.gif" alt="" />


We wrapped the game up in the first 20 minutes with a couple of well taken goals. However, if it wasn't for Danny pulling off some great saves the story could have been different.


We seemed to go a little flat after 20 minutes and certainly after Williamson was subbed - looked like he took a knock, so hope it isn't serious. We allowed Boro back into the game and started to sit deep. We started hitting long balls up to Greggors, who IMHO didn't appear to get to grips with the game today and this invited Boro to attack. I was quite relieved when we got to half time without conceeding a goal.


Second half started off in a simlar vain where we didn't seem to want to keep the tempo up. What worried me was that once the two Boro players had walked and we had over twenty minutes left we only managed one further goal. We had a number of chances and Ollie "snatched" at a couple, but I feel we didn't really start to turn the screw and take advantage of the situation. In fact Boro again started to push us back into our own half at times and managed to some degree to contain us. We seemed to concerntrate on the right side and left Duffy completely unmarked on the other, but we didn't play the ball wide taking advantage against 9 players.


Playing against 9 men seemed to highlight our own ineffectiveness to create through midfield and start to move the ball about accurately with simple passes and moving into space. We again seemed to snatch at chances, not take the simple pass and lost posession cheaply around the box.


It was a great result today, but we must learn to keep the tempo up and not ease off if we have gone into an early lead. It shows when, although you win 3-0, your man of the match is your goal keeper - and I wouldn't disagree that Danny deserved it today.


Next up for a hammering - Crawley..........?

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excellent asessment of the game, i think. we were stank, your passing wasn't bad and we let you get some balls across the box that were inviting trouble, or putting the ball across our own box (cheers for that ted!).


the first goal by the way, marshall didn't get a touch, in fact it swerved mid-air, perhaps wind, who knows, but it was going in anyway... i'm pretty sure it was meant as a cross though which just goes to show you make your own luck.


officiating was abysmal as always (i advocate video evidence, so there <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" />) potter is a legend, very brave to dive at someone's (elding's?) feet ten minutes from the end and keep it clean.


buttocks to you lot <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/tongue.gif" alt="" /> hope ya stay up, i hate to see a team unbeaten <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />

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i thought we were good today.. maybe boro and daggers are our kind of teams but the 9 points we have had out of em will be the 9 points that see us safe this season. once we were 2 nil up we looked to defend and play em on the break but that really isnt our game.. so we ended up defending.. cant fault the team for this, it was a game we would have been happy with a point from on form and to piss two goals and out play em was probably a bit of a shock .. we reached the ..'dont lose this'.. stage at 20 minutes!..

westleys tems seem to err on the dirty side but they obviously do the job as if they had beaten us they would have been fourth.. i liked their skinhead no 5? good laugh and a defender i would like to see playing for us!.. having said that dom had his best game ive seen him play (including for the shots) and despite us stopping playing 'football' for long spells we were good for the win.. as for pressing home the 1 then 2 man advantage.. many a game has been lost to the 'nine' men .. best to dig out the ugly 3 points we did really need ...

i cant citisise any player.. those who stood out for me were potter duffers sedgey and oli .. i though geggors did a good job aginst a pretty hard boro defence..

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Stevenage no 5 was their captain Jason Goodliffe.


I think recently with us losing leads late on against Burton and Woking we've developed a siege mentality when once we get in front we don't want to lose it. I think psychologically the fans and the players know that the defence is not that good and is always likely to concede a goal. I certainly didn't feel comfortable at 2-0 up even when Stevenage had 9 men. Look at the Daggers game when we nearly lost a 3 goal lead. It might not be pretty but I think it's a case of scrapping out games and holding on to what you've got. In the old days when we were 2-0 up everyone was queing up for a goal but now there seems to be an acknowledgement that this is a better league and one mistake can be punished.


So many games in the Ryman we were cruising at 2 goals up with 10 minutes to go but that is different now and one lapse in concentration can be devestating (look at the Norwich/Middlesbro game today). I'm probably talking rubbish cos of the beers I've had tonight but you know what I mean!!

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CANV mate, have you lost your log in or something? Oh and you walked straight past me without saying hello at half time!!

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Agree - we do try and protect a lead - especially after gifting others points recently.


As you say - I think we all know that our defence can hold out but we have become accustomed to gifting goals and walking away with nothing, so never feel that comfortable - even when we are 2-0 up <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />


What worried me was that once we had the clear advantage we seemed to struggle to get back out of our half and start to create. Don't get me wrong we did create - but knowhere near as much as I expected, and I'm not sure if this highlights an underlying trend.


As Canv mentions a team of 9 can still win - however, we made a very good tactical decision today and didn't tempt fate by making a defensive substitution to give away penalties - sorry Chenners <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />

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yes yellow.. i cant seem to log on at home.. i didnt see you and actually thought you had missed the game.. i was probably in a world of my own due to 'we must not lose this now' worries on my mind ..

Westley strikes me as one of those new age office managers.. lots of terminology and not much else..

i can imagine the poor stevenage players listening to one of his motivational pre match talks in stunned silence.. with of course the odd brown noser doing some gimping..

a whole host of 'office quotes' and what was that piece of wallpaper he was walking out with before kick off, more detailed battle plans that operation overlord ..he had his players thinking 'outside the box' so much they forgot to stay in it.. and he has his very own phil neal to do all his shouting for him..

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Yeah I was coming out of the toilets round the back of the stand and you walked straight past me. In fairness I probably should have said hello. I was in the bikesheds first half with the loud lot and was right in the middle of everybody going barmy at the first two goals.

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Great result and a very good team performance. Danny Potter deserves credit for his efforts recently but i think there were a few contenders for mom this week. It`s also great to see Dave Theobald playing so well now when a few weeks ago it looked like he was never going to get in the side.

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