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Can the run start here?


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First of all, excellent day yesterday (including the kick-about before the match) and great performance by the players against Eastleigh, and as people have said, that was best performance since Canvey.


We actually did what we have threatened to do for a couple of seasons now and dominate a match from start-to-finish. We always seem to have an opening twenty-minute burst then the opposition come back into the game, but yesterday we were in full control against a team second in the league, who played nearly £20,000 for one of their strikers and have a lot of ex pro's.


Great to see Alex pushed up fron left back to midfield, and I thought Eddie's team selection was spot-on with the players we currently have avaliable to us. I know Alex cored the hat-trick, but I thought Chopper was awesome yesterday - well done Slough. Also excellent to see decent dumbers travelling after Tuesday's performance.


Anyway, just looking at the games we have left this season. A minimum of twenty games left (inc cups) and 14 will be played at Stag Meadow where we have a good record, so maybe we do have a good chance of a play-off position after all. Just six away from home, but a couple of these are against teams who you would expect to do well against.


The start of another run maybe? Well it depends on which team turns up. The one at Northwood on Tuesday, or Eastleigh on Saturday?

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hi there all dave here. with all are home games and still being in three cups i would love to be greedy and win all three cups and sneek into the playoffs for pride and win them as well especialy beating thurruck will be hard but if the team has saturdays true buulldog rebel style spirit why not all. who should be afraid of anyone and come on we have some things deicent to chew on and maybe onther boat trip maybe a whole day trip up the thames with a three course celibraition meal allthough this could be as much as £30-40 ahead and difercault to arrange. but maybe feezable or just the day trip and a buffit like last. if we do win two of three things we surely can at least do as we did last time but perhaps go the other way past staines and the like and back. all a lovely dreem but we beat wallsal so maybe not to big a dreem to win two things at least.


take care all.



dave programes

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hi there all dave here. with all are home games and still being in three cups i would love to be greedy and win all three cups and sneek into the playoffs for pride

And i'd love to be promoted to the conference, and go on to win the fa cup, bt it ain't gonna happen <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />
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hi all we need a ground

when do we what it now


the council now

where do we start from now

we have no ground in slough

when do we whant it now

failed this failed that

FAC jiant killers and still a crack at the trophey.

its not fit for politics now

slough is obvieously not even fit for football

when do we want a ground now.

nobody wants we have no future.


i hope you like my poetry folks.


dave programes

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thanks all its lunchtime. my spelling is awfall sorry but the meanings there. i was on here about 30 minutes ago and the page automaticly came up as not availible without touching it. just a word not a grumble is are home tie against thurrock on feb 6th now away as on the fixture list on the main afficiol website says its away and if it has changed does alon need to book a coach and i have travel to essex again if so. sorry to comfuse the issue.


dave programes.

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