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What was the attendance?


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I reckon that is not too bad given circumstances, conditions etc.


Brilliant for those who went.


Many conference sides were only getting 300 tonight at proper home matches.


If we get home, the crowds wil definately come back.


Well played guys

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Only 200 at Forest Green, Gravesend and Northwich last night, so, considering the groundshare, not too bad. However, this is a Mickey Mouse cup so I wouldn't read too much into the performance.

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That's a silly comment.

This was a cup match against an opposition that we actually still have the right to be playing this season, had we not had to take demotion, and we proved that in spades last night.

This was a match that would have done wonders for the morale, confidence and spirit of the team, the benefits of which will be seen long into the rest of the league matches.

This was a match that gave the fans that braved the cold a tremendous lift.


Mickey mouse my derriere!

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We had all this after the Havant game. "Wow, aren't we marvellous?" "Play-off contenders now." It was two months before we won another league game.

The Gladwish Land Sales Cup is a waste of time and Dagenham put out a weakened team.

A 3-1 win would have done us no harm but let's keep some proportion.

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Absolutely agree with you Margatefan.The daggers team that was out there last night were going for a result,that was in no doubt,however the performance put up by the gate was emphatic.On last nights showing ANY full strength conference side would have had problems.

But we do seem to be a jeckyl & hyde side, yes, but we have to hope this time that consistency becomes a reality. We can only comment on one game at a time. So to that end we must rejoice on last nights cracking performance.

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I think it was an important win.


Gives interest after our cup flops in Trophy and FA cup.

Chance to test fitness and if we had them, a few squad fringe players.


Did i read a rumour about 'another American player'-first two have'nt been bad have they !!


No-one will think it silly if we get to quarter/semi-final stage.

By then all teams will be taking it seriously.


Lets win the thing and keep the Margate name high profile.


Hope Crawley beat Canvey-i'll definately be at Crawley if they do for next round

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