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Andy Ford might stay at Stonebridge Road?

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Not really a move which 'will dedicate more time to his family' though?.. I guess once you've been a manager at this level it's hard to shake off the bug. I for one would expect to see him managing elsewhere and soon...! Fair play to him, he could be good for Dartford, or any other club that needs a solid manager with an excellent record..

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As Dartford manager?

Their fans have already mentioned it on their forum, albeit rather putting down The Fleet in the process.

Agreed that we'd welcome Andy Ford with open arms here at Dartford, although regrettably I doubt that our playing budget or even our Manager's salary would attract him! Not sure about putting the Fleet down on our forum though, I must have missed that one.

Amazing how fickle fans are isn't it. Probably the very G&N fans that have been calling for Andy Ford's head haven't been following the club for many years, probably not before you've had a bit of success under him anyway! Mid-table Conference mediocrity is something that a lot would be well happy with, especially those of you who have been there for the long haul (like us!).

Good luck with your new appointment, but I'm not sure you've done the right thing in losing Andy. Don't get too big for your boots and don't forget how far you've come in such a short time, otherwise you'll do a Hornchurch in growing far too big far too soon.
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