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Petition handed over


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I will put my take on how I think this went, but of course the others that were there may have more to add or subtract.

The anonymous idiots who like to cause trouble will have of course nothing to add, as they were not there.


We met up in the foyer, attended by several reporters, cannot remember who they all were, but Meridian and Thanet Times were included. S.E. came down to meet us there. Megaphone handed the petition over, and photographs were taken.

S.E. invited us all to go up to his office to talk with him. He was gracious, friendly, open in the way that a politician of his stature would be expected to be. To his credit he made time for us and was very patient.


The situation in terms of the independant survey seems to be as follows:

The deadline is actually today.

S.E. does not know if it has been handed in yet, as it is going from the independant surveyor into the hands of the Lawyers, and has not had sight of anything yet. However he had no reason to doubt that the club would deliver what is necessary.

He is optimistic that if the project passes the survey then it will go ahead.

He does not think that the club would have spent the large amount of money on it had they not been confident of its ability to stand up to scrutiny.

If all else fails S.E. is still committed to working with the community to ensure that football returns to Hartsdown Park.

A trafic impact survey is still awaited from the club as part of the planning application process.


I am not going to post any personal opinion yet, as I want some time to think about what was said. What I do want to say is that I think the process is still ongoing, nothing has been decided yet, and I do not think that any news will be forthcoming until the Lawyers have deliberated on the content matter and made their report to the council. That will take time and we should all try to be patient and not get over-heated in our imaginations. It is also only one side of the coin, so let's wait and hear from the club as well.

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