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See sense TDC


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Obelisk re: Turner Temporary will not be replaced after sea mauling. See sense Thanet council and forget the whole project.It will not succeed or be viable. Enough cash has already been wasted. Cut out this madness NOW! Cut the losses and end it now before you are made to look even more foolish about this unwanted monstrosity than you already look. Instead give the town a GUARANTEED income, GUARANTEED promotion of the town & GUARANTEED visitors. Give the football club its chance at a mere FRACTION of the cost that has already been foolishly wasted.

The people of the island dont want the T.C (large majority) but the people(large majority) do want a football club. Save money, save your own jobs, SAVE THIS FOOTBALL CLUB. You as a council are going about things in the completely wrong way as far as our town is concerned. Its not too late to change your ways,your attitude. Keep the Football club alive and you may salvage some credibility!!

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Just got a letter back from KCC telling me the reason the Turner Centre is being built is to


1) provide an art centre to save people going to London or Sussex( can see lots of people travelling from the west of Kent rather than London can't you) and


2) regenerate Margate and that "entrepreneurial activity" is evident in Margate Old Town because of it(is that why there is only 2 occupiers in the old town hall - that other drain on ratepayers money)


Also been told that the cost is £25 million and NOT rising!! So that is the maximum it will cost??

This despite the jump from £12 million three years ago.


Few money questions will be raised as they seem to forget it is OUR money they are playing with and it is not a giant game of Monopoly.



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Its still unwanted,un-needed expenditure and its still the taxpayer,no matter where they come from,that will be contributing!!

Its not unwanted by everyone, I may be in a minority (on here anyway) but I will at least visit the centre and look forward to its contents. Not sure about the actual siting of the building, but welcome another point of interest for the area.

You have to remember it is not "the entire" project, it runs in tandem with the regeneration of the old town centre. but thats another story!
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Yes IAN, THAT is another story. Once you have seen it will you go again though! Or do you like "repeats".

I did say not wanted by the "LARGE MAJORITY" (see original post) and not by all. Will it entice people, parents and kids to come to Margate like they used to for Dreamland. Of course it wont!

Do you disagree with everything I say just for the sake of it IAN?

If you go to a match will you go again? Probably, because no game is alike.

Do I prove a point? Or are you still going to disagree with me. You do sound like the old Mr. Baker at times!

Still you are entitled to your opinion I suppose. I must try to understand others views even when they ARE wrong! This is a seaside resort and NOT an ART Gallery. It will always be that so why are people trying to change it?

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I don't disagree with everything Tony, just I have a different viewpoint.


Times they are a changin'. Seaside resorts are dying on their feet, lack of inward investment, cheap european flights, short sighted owners that took the money when times were good and not reinvesting, this is not just Margate, but many resorts around the country.


I agree Dreamland in its former glory is a great loss to the town, but when you have asset strippers working their way around then what chance have we got. It needs this sort of investment coupled with a development such as the football ground and Old Town Centre regeneration to kickstart and re-ignite Margate as a serious tourist destination.


I also don't think that the Turner Centre and Westwood cross development should or can be likened to that of the club.


Up the Blues



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Then the council shouldnt have let them in here in the first place, get all that trouble in Surrey road, and THEN back the residents case for getting them out! Utter madness, utter madness.

p.s. Ian,whats the difference to disagreeing with someone to that of having a different viewpoint?

Best lets drop this eh! Getting nowhere with it. Great words about the club coming first though Ian. This time I agree with YOU and have the same viewpoint on the subject. lol

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Have been viewing your forum as an outsider and firstly just want to wish you good luck.

Regarding the turner centre art gallery or whatever it is, experience suggests it will do nothing for the town. If this was my sort of thing then I would stay in Canterbury and travel in for an hour spending nothing in the town.

As for a football club in the borough this brings in genuine income. I travelled down twice with Tamworth and on each occasion we had over 100 fans, some came by coach and left immediately after the game but many others had a good few drinks, ate in the town and stayed if not in Margate at least in the borough at Ramsgate or Broadstairs.

I think 100 people spent over £1500 at the ground and 20 people staying overnight probably spent an average of £50 each ie £1000 in the town and the day trippers another £500 between them.

Being on the coast makes the trip one of the more high spending so £3000 spent in the borough. I dont beleive the Turner centre can match this.

In addition I am talking about Tamworth and what our fans spent rather than say Carlisle, Aldershot or others who make our away support modest.

Even in a lower league a visit from AFC Wimbledon will make some shopkeepers and publicans happy.

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Ramsgate and Broadstairs are not in the same borough as Margate. Thanet is an invention that nobody in the three towns (and villages) that make it up have ever felt any affection or loyalty to. Any political party that promised to disband Thanet DC and bring back the three town councils would win in a landslide.

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further to my post above re away fans surely someone could work out an approximate income from a conference team, which if publicised might impress a few local businesses or even local councillors into supporting the presence of a team. I accept away fans are unlikely to buy carpets, but restaurants pubs and hotels might relaise the lost potential.

We were talking about this in the pub last night and whilst this may lead to figures being exaggerated we worked out that when we played Weymouth, which is the favourite away game for tamworth fans over a bank holiday weekend with people going down on the Friday and returning Monday we would have booked a total of 200 hotel nights and the contribution to the local economy would have been about £20,000.


I assume that as you segregated at Hartsdown the club has a figure for away fans and I beleive for a coastal town the average spend would be including at the ground £30 per person.

Just being able to publisize this figure may make a few people wake up and see what has been lost. intersting comparison with

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Mr Tamworth is quite right.Tamworth fans have gone up in my estimation


If it was me ,as i posted about 6 months ago, i would be working with TDC and Tourist office to put a flyer in all the away game programmes to encourage people from the(away) town to visit Margate and spend the weekend there.


If you look at many forums, away fans like to visit seaside towns in particular and make weekends of it.


Similarly i liked to go to Chester(Northwich),Shrewsbury and want to go back there together with York to see the Gate.

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