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At last! Some real news! [No. 182]


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As I was queuing at the newsagents to buy the New York Times with a full transcript of the lunatics State of the Union address, I glanced at the back page of the St Albans Observer.


We have signed Luke Cornwall on a months loan from fellow Conference South side Lewes. The 24 year old striker was at Fulham as 17 year old but couldn't break into the 1st team and joined Bradford City in 2003. A spell at Woking followed and he joined the South Coast side last season. His opportunities at Lewes have been limited as they have 5 strikers, apparently.


The manager is quoted concerning Lee Clarke. There have been no approaches for the pulsating, prolific Lee. His contract expires at the end of this season and, shortly, the manager and Lee will be "sitting down" [always room for an old cliche] with Gibbo to try to sort something out for next season.


That brings me back to the thread on here started by "Magpie" suggesting that Lee had signed for 'County'. I suspect that 'Magpie' is, in reality, Lee's agent who has read page 4 of Eric Hall's book "How to make a fortune out of football management".


According to Eric, when contract negotiations are about to commence, plant a couple of stories in the appropriate place that Chelsea are interested in the boy and the current Chairman will automatically up the initial offer, and throw in a yellow Ferrari.


Nice try, but someone should mention to him that Gibbo doesn't come on here. Don't hold out too many hopes for the motor.


I wonder what percentage he's on. 50/60%? It can't be a difficult job, I would have thought.


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Aagh next season, Rob. There's something to savour.


If I have been following the press releases accurately, the only player on a contract for next term is Tom Beech as we were told that Steve Castle signed him 'on a two year deal' a couple of days before he resigned. I believe that the others are here 'on Conference forms' or on contracts until the end of this season.


It's good to think ahead Rob, but there is pressing business on Saturday and for the rest of this season.

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