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Same/similar boat?


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Bangor city are having problems like yours although not as drastic. Thought you may be interested to see?




Below is a question and answer taken from the stadium site that BCFC are asking there fans NOT to do.


What should I not do?


Please do not organise demonstrations or lobby councillors. We are doing our best by working through the City of Bangor Council, who, after all, are our landlords.


Keep fighting the good fight.

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To Dafyd. We didnt do anything for over 2 years and it wasnt getting us anywhere. As soon as we thought the end ,the real end was nigh we got up and DID something. No, we gave this council long enough to do something without any hindrance. Whether or not what we have done lately helps our cause remains to be seen but they had ample opportunity to do something and we didnt interfere then!

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