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Who else still has nightmares about the FA Trophy?


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Even the mention of the FA Trophy makes me feel sick after last years final. I don't think I have ever felt as gutted as I was walking out of Villa Park at the end of last year's Final.

There we were runaway winners of the Ryman playing a team who finished near the bottom of the Dr Martin's League and we got outplayed and deserved to lose. What made it even worse was we won a classic semi-final aginst Telford having been the better of the two sides over two-legs.


I just hope if we do get to the FInal again we play a decent Conference side as I would fancy our chances better than a lower league side.


Still heres hoping for a win tomorrow and that we can try to lay the ghost of last season's final.

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Certainly left a scar, I must admit, I would not lose any sleep if we went out in the semi's on pens.


I was standing near a couple of bloks at Daggers who said I would rather lose on saturday, and take a bit of pressure than put the strain on the squad.


Its nice to win though.

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Gutted after that game. Will never forget the moment they scored that winner. Villa Park was a lonely place that day.

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This is the truth honest,


We got a motor cycle escort from the ground right out of town, we had got there early and parked in the local supporters car park. There was this white mini bus surrounded by police blue lights flashing the works. Great fun, perhaps I might fancy it agaian after all, wouldnt mind doing it at the new wembley though.


What happened to them guys who got nicked for the racist comment to the steward.

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That's because you kept phoning me up you [censored]!!!

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