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market forces or immigration

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A nurse has more need for technical expertise than any banker, a nurse deals hands on with life (your life) threatening situations,and a nurse deals with waste from human bodies daily

If we did not import foreign nurses the fiscal rate for the job would escalate to where it should be

We are losing more nurses year on year than we can recruit (import)

A bricklayer,plumber,fitter or welder has and uses at least the amount of technical knowledge of a banker

All gain damaged hand or back joints over time and all function in an industry of uncertain security, not surprising the rate for the job does not reflect the demands of the job

When the market requires members of those trades beyond the number available does the remuneration match the market need? no we import from abroad

Lets stop using cheap foreign labour and allow market forces to determine the true value of these and similar jobs

For too long we have been rip off GB with low wages and high tax and creepy MPs citing the great economic need for immigrant skills

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Extraordinary, I think this could be another occassion for agreement Pabird! Except that I am far from convinced that bankers have any technical, or any other, ability whatsoever. I am not impresed by people who do nothing for a living except move other people's money about. However, I digress.


Quite right, The nursey situation has a couple of problems, I understand (second hand info from someone who knows about these things).


Firstly, our own nurses are no longer trained on the job (cue BJR joke!) but are taught in universities, thus lacking hands-on (BJR again) experience and gaining a dislike of poohy work.


Secondly, many overseas training establishments for nurses (and indeed doctors) are nowhere near a comparable standard.


Moving away from nurses (now stop it BJR), the CBI man reared up yesterday to plead for more or contunued immigration because they (the employers) could not otherwise obtain a workforce. Err, excuse me? Remember this is an organisation of big businesses. What they mean is that they want a large vulnerable CHEAP workforce available, so they keep wages down to a minumum and maximise their profits.

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[color:"red"] Thanks for the intro and cue, Invis !! [/color]


Thought I'd get away from the usual little avatar for a change, as I'm not FEELING very political today, so here's something to brighten everyones day !

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