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So who do we want to go up in the Play offs?

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With just two matches left to decide the conference line up next season who does everyone want to win the two play offs games?


I think in the North/South play off game we all want Eastbourne to win so we can have a nice day out at the seaside instead of another long trip to the North West.


In the Conference play off I am a bit torn. Carlisle do not belong in the Conference but Stevenage were cheated out of a place in the League 9 years ago because of some crazy ground rule but now have the best ground outside of the League. Think I will go for Carlisle though as it saves a very long trip and Stevenage is just an hours drive away and we did pretty well last year.

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I've been to Eastbourne's ground this season. Very compact, tidy ground. Not sure how it would cope in the Conference with police and segregation.


The clubhouse is excellent. Quite large and beer is pretty good.


The bacon cheese burgers are also quality as well. Only problem is the ground is quite a way outside the town centre and is a taxi ride away.


As for the other play off well it would be nice to see Westley fail and Stevenage is virtually a local trip for us. I really don't fancy another trek to Carlisle.

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Carlisle for me - Cant stand that to**er westley. Everywhere he goes i will have a problem with that club as i really just cant stand him.


I saw eastbourne play thurrock in the semi final play off, wernt that impressive, but took there 4 chances that they got.

Would preffer them as they have one hell of a drum (probley the same size as all our three put together) and we could have a DRUM OFF <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/icon_band222.gif" alt="" />

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EC2 said:
Who did you go to see Eastbourne play Yellow?

It was Eastbourne v St Albans. Like CIFCIslander said Eastbourne were not that impressive that day either. This was in September and they had made a bad start to the season. They won 1-0 that day but were not that impressive at all. Really can't see them surviving in the Conference.
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Definitely Eastbourne. Saw them beat Thurrock, was fairly impressed -so went to see them play Cambridge in the semi-- and they really played well-- have got one particular speedy little forward who will give most defences problems, tho not so sure about their chances in the Conference National. (if they should get that far)

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I think Altrincham will win it as they have had a pretty good season. Also, its near me so it will be another game i can get to next year.


Sorry for all you boys who wanted to take your buckets and spades to Eastbourne for the weekend!


Carlise will definately win as they deserve to go up. Westley is a [****!!****] and i would love to hear his stupid ar*e response to losing! He'll probably remove his head from his backside long enough to tell everyone how they were the better side!

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