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Greene: Better to be lucky than good.


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Interesting to look at Greene's record as manager, and note the influence of outside factors on his teams:


Season 01/02

Team: Windsor & Eton

League position: 22/22

Notional outcome: Relegation

Actual outcome: Stayed up due to restructuring.


Season 02/03

Team: Windsor & Eton

League position:13/24

Notional outcome: Stayed in division

Actual outcome: Stayed in division


Season 03/04

Team: Windsor & Eton

League position:3/24

Notional outcome: Qualify for playoff

Actual outcome: Automatic 'promotion' due to restructuring


Season 04/05

Team: Maidenhead

League Position 20/22

Notional outcome:Relegation

Actual outcome: Stayed up due to probable demise of Hornchurch


In three out of the four seasons, Greene's teams have either escaped relegation or gained promotion based on external factors not influenced by Greene or his club. He is looking like a very lucky manager.

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Good points as usual Decorum. In season 03/04, they chucked the league away in the last couple of months costing them the chance of playing in the Conference South. It really does make you wonder on what basis Maidenhead appointed him. Certainly will be interesting to see if he can lead them to back to back "relegations."

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Good points, both of you.


Let's see what he does next season.










Not holding my breath.... <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/affig.gif" alt="" />

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first time on normally just read, but i think its about time someone defended DG for his efforts at this club and talk the facts that are not biased.


When DG has started the season his teams have always been chasing promotion not relegation, first full season we were in the top 3 with 10 games to go but with injuries sustained to chippy, jesus, and kiren after ashford game i think that season fell away finishing 13th and not forgeting our incredible fa trophy run that year.


the next full season we were top of the league for most of it eventually finishing 3rd and gaining promotion to ryman premier, going at one stage 24 games unbeaten



lastly in final season when he left we were in ninth place with everything still to play for and we all know how close we came in the end to maybe going down,


the 2 relegation seasons you are talking about decorum is very harsh when he took over byrons team we had 1 win and 1 draw to our name in 17 game you cannot blame that on DG, you just have to look at what he took over bottom of div one, next season mid table, next season 3rd and promotion.




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plutopower said:
first time on normally just read, but i think its about time someone defended DG for his efforts at this club and talk the facts that are not biased.

You are of course entitled to your opinion, but these statistics are facts, and it is certainly the case that Greene's teams have finished in relegation positions twice without being relegated. To avoid relegation in this way twice is lucky, unless Greene actually planned things this way.

This thread is not critical of the way Greene managed WEFC when he was an employee of the club. He adequately performed the function he was payed for and used the opportunity to pursue his often stated personal ambition. Nothing wrong with that. I simply observe that he has been the recipient of good fortune a number of times. Why does he need defending against a reputation for being lucky? Surely it is an asset, not a fault.
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agreed they are facts, but just feel they were written in a way to sound a bad job was done, when the facts are both relegation seasons were when DG had picked up the pieces from managers before him, his actuall record is in fact excellent, thats my point and we should be thanking him for his efforts and not the other, people have to move on, and if he felt after 6 years the time was right we have to respect that, seeing as the club was left in good condition.

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