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Big J R

OH SWEET JOY...........................!!

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After the French's innovation of planting poplar trees down both sides of their roads so the German army could march in the shade...


They eventually got SOMETHING RIGHT and voted NO on the EU referendum !


Well done you 55% who voted NON instead of OUI !


Tony Bliar might as well admit it now that this European cr@p about world domination is over. (The Germans tried it in the 1930's, and it didn't work then, either !)


There goes Big Tone's world presidency, then. [color:"red"] HOO-F'KIN-RAY !! [color:"black"] Thats made our Bank Holiday weekend, that has !

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Now the Dutch but when oh when do we get the chance to say we wish to be British not federalist European

Just watch the career, self fulfilling, prats like (sweety) mandy explain why the ordninary people of France Holland and GB do not know best

And Bliar? he was never going to let the people of GB speak unless they agreed with his message from on high.

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It WAS a case of, "Vote as I say, or.........!!"


Don't think we'll be hearing much from Big Tone now.


I understand he's started on his memoirs !!

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