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some off you, may slag my methods , but

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being involved in Junior football for 6 years, writing and achieving the FA Charter Standard Award from the FA and winning the County Award, first read the below info about child protection, then visit www.zodiacfootball.wanadoo.co.uk and the policies, and codes of conducts, then go through the guestbook and see what the CRB UNIT and the FA THROUGH Liz Hubbard said about why we have to have these checks.


These methods do work and all adult clubs can achieve FA ADULT CHARTER STANDARD, to clean up the game and be run properly.


Application Packs are available from Essex FA and Patrick Kielty


So as I posted this week, lets clean up the game at our level.





FA Charter is all about best practice, how well you want to protect everyone.


CRB'S SHOULD BE A MUST for anyone that is involved with under 18's in my view. age of adulthood.


About the charter, lots of work, but I can save you a lot of time, you can adapt some of what I have written,


first read about the charter http://www.thefa.com/Grassroots/ClubDevelopment/CharterStandardScheme.htm


then to give you some ideas on how in depth you have to go you have to write about how you operate in the following disclipines, look at the list in red on this link of my website. http://www.zodiacfootball.wanadoo.co.uk/fa%20charter%20award.html


then it has to be put into a Club Development Manual, and download all information from this link http://www.thefa.com/Grassroots/ClubDevelopment/CharterStandardScheme/Postings/2003/06/54621.htm


I am afraid it is tons of work, but what has to be remembered at all times during and after, everyone sings from the same hymn sheet, CRB'S everyone, coaching courses, first aid courses.





Charter Standard Clubs Application Form

Development Manual (2.06MB)

- Development Manual (low graphic- 148KB)

Funding Opportunities

Good Practice Guide

Holiday Courses Administration Brochure

Holiday Courses Application Form

Holiday Courses Code of Good Practice

Recruitment and Selection of Volunteers

Case Studies

Question and Answers

Sponsorship and Marketing

Important Information Letter

Charter Standard Clubs Letter

Roles: School Liaison

Officer/Volunteer Co-ordinator

Volunteer Application Form

Volunteer Reference Form


Once you have all this info, this is the start, you have to write about each topic, AND IN A WAY EVERYONE UNDERSTANDS IT AND CAN FOLLOW IT IF YOU WERENT THERE.


This website is where you order your FACharter application folders, as shown below




What County FA say is there is a football development officer there to help, after you have got your information packs, not before.


I hope this gives you a start,

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and1inthetree said:
thanks for that zody...

Yes thanks from me too Zody.

I've downloaded a hard copy and will keep it to read during those long nights when I'm in my nursing home room as a change from lusting after the nubile young lady who comes in to bed bath me and help me with my bottle.

<img src="/forum/images/graemlins/bow.gif" alt="" />

Up the Boro!
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coupwotcoup? said:
He must have copied it as their is hardly a mistake, and secondly too much information....

Your first presumption is probable and the second part is normal.

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Up the Boro!
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